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  • Mulit-purpose Stadium
  • Capacity of 20,000 People
  • Expanding to 43,500
  • Qatar's Oldest Cities
General - Qatar 2022 World Cup Stadiums
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Al-Wakrah Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium, which is currently used mostly for football matches. The stadium holds a capacity of 20,000 and has plans of expanding to 43,500. Al-Wakrah Stadium is one of Qatar's oldest cities, with commercial fishing and pearl diving.

About the 2022 FIFA World Cup™
Qatar steps up its campaign to bring the World Cup to the Middle East for the first time after unveiling details of the “world-first, carbon-neutral technology” it would use to cool venues, fan fests and training sites for the World Cup 2022 tournament. By winning the right to host the 2022 World Cup, Qatar has put itself on the map. The victory was a vindication that the global festival of football could be held in the scorching heat of the Gulf summer via air-conditioned pitches and fan zones.

The prospect of construction projects not only the stadia and related facilities, but also the hotels, roads and rail plans. Also a planned causeway to Bahrain should hopefully go ahead. Air shuttles to Dubai and Abu Dhabi would ease bottlenecks further and provide visiting fans with more to see and do.

All of the stadia will be powered by the sun’s rays to provide a cool environment for players and fans. Adapting solar energy into electricity the solar installations will export energy onto the power grid that will then be used to cool both fans and players. This is the basis for the stadiums’ carbon-neutrality. The capacity will be between 40,000 to 50,000 fans for hosting the opening and final matches. When the tournament ends, the capacity will be between 20,000 to 25,000 fans, suitable for football and other sports.

The purpose of the World Cup is to put together nations to battle it out in a friendly way, to test strengths, to inspire generations, and to bring the world together for those few moments as individuals of all colours, ages, and sexes, grip their chairs and show their love for their country.

An integral part of the bid is to send the stadia to other developing nations, which often lack sufficient football infrastructure. By doing so, this will allow the further development of football on the global stage as well as make the cooling technologies available to other countries in hot climates to host major sporting events.