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PO Box:
22951, Doha
New Industrial Area, Green Zone, Qatar
(00974) 44114001
(00974) 44114002
(00974) 55070641
  • Reprocessing Of Plastic Materials
  • Supply Pete, PE, PP, PVC, PS & PC
  • High Quality & Clean Plastic
  • 15000 Sq.M. Production Factory
Pipes - Pipe Manufacturers
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Company Profile

Doha Plastic is in the business of manufacturing drip irrigation pipes. It has a factory that consists of 15,000 square meters of production space and 70 employees who provide comprehensive solutions to customer requirements.

The company is incessantly developing its range of drip irrigation pipes to surpass set standards and scrutinizes products thoroughly before launching them on the market. This total commitment to quality facilities a working relationship between customers and the company.

During manufacturing, attention is given to every detail of the products. The products are checked several times before they are considered ready for market.

At the same time Doha Plastic is an eco-friendly plastic manufacturer.

GR Drip Irrigation Pipe

This pipe is made of low density polyethylene
Diameter is nominal (16-20mm)
Water is brought to plants through the
emitters already existing inside the tube
Minimum distance between emitters is 30, 40,
50, 60 cm, could be changed according to
This system produced with discharge rate of
4L/hr and 8 L/hr with pressure (1) bar
Max pressure for pipes is (2.5) bar
The water flows through several hollies
around the pipe

HDPE Irrigation Main Pipes

HDPE pipe as main waterline in the
drip irrigation network and the other irrigation
network and the other irrigation systems
High resistance to corrosive liquid and UV
Light weight and high flexibility
Pipes are joined easily by using compression
fittings or electro-fusion welding fittings
Specialized raw material, guarantee against
corrosion and breakage
Perform well on and under soil
Lower friction losses due to smooth inner
wall surface
Flexibility, the pipe packages in rolls and can
be laid in straight lines and curves
Minimum maintenance and economical