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47167, Qatar
Industrial Area, Street No. 40, Gate No. 54, Doha, Qatar
(00974) 44601075
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(00974) 55827938
  • Marine Surveying Specialist
  • Hydrographic Surveying
  • Aerial Photographic & Mapping
  • Geological Surveyors
Industrial - Geotechnical & Geophysical Surveys
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Company Profile

Fugro Peninsular was established in the United Arab Emirates in 1975, initially, as a geotechnical and foundation engineering organization. Today, Fugro Peninsular provides a complete range of geotechnical investigation onshore and offshore, construction material testing, and topographic surveys throughout the Gulf area, India and Pakistan.

Many projects in particular for major clients in the oil and gas industry and the public sector were carried out in Abu Dhabi and Qatar. A major part of our activities has been in the offshore geotechnical investigations. We have also seen a substantial increase in our onshore activities driven by the large growth of the construction boom in the Gulf.

The order portfolio of Fugro contains many short-term and fast track projects which reflect the short-time decision making process of our clients and the business environment in the Middle East. Fugro Peninsular maintains operating offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Qatar, India & Pakistan. Furthermore, we also undertake projects in Bahrain, Yemen and Kuwait through existing agency agreements.

We note that our Dubai organization is now considered the area office and is as such the centre of our activities in particular for our offshore and near shore geotechnical activities. Fugro Peninsular does not undertake any projects in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the country is covered by Fugro Suhaimi J.V, with the main office in Dammam.

Company Information
Fugro Peninsular is part of the Fugro N.V. Group of Companies based in the Netherlands.

Organizationally Fugro comprise the three divisions:
Geotechnical Services: Investigation of and advice regarding the physical characteristics of the soil and materials for construction.
Survey Services: Precise positioning, topographic, hydrographical and geological mapping, support services for construction projects, geo-spatial data management services.
Geoscience Services: Gathering and interpreting geophysical data, quantitative and qualitative estimates of oil, gas, mineral and water resources and the optimization of their production.